Riverside Accuracy Project




The Personality Project at Northwestern University: An excellent source that includes a variety of links to personality-oriented sites
David Kenny's homepage - with information about interpersonal perception.
The Social Psychology Network.
The Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP): Home page of Division 8 of the American Psychological Association, with information about Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

Association for Research in Personality: A new organization to promote the scientific study of personality psychology.

International Society for the Study of Individual Differences (ISSID)
European Association of Personality Psychology (EAPP): With information about the European Journal of Personality.

Masters in Psychology Guide: With general information about personality psychology (Thanks to Angela and Alex in Illinois for the tip!)

Journals related to the study of personality psychology:

Journal of Research in Personality
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Psychological Review
Journal of Abnormal Psychology
Journal of Personality
Journal of Personality Assessment
Personality and Individual Differences

Information on Effect Sizes

Effect size estimates are more useful for characterizing data than "statistical significance," but formulae for computing them can be difficult to find. Dr. Michael Furr, a former member of the Project, has assembled many of the more useful ones. To see them (adobe acrobat required), click here.


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