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The three elements of the "personality triad" are the person, the situation, and behavior.  The Riverside Accuracy Project uses Jack Block's personality Q-sort (adapted) to describe persons (the California Adult Q-sort or CAQ), the Riverside Behavioral Q-sort to describe behaviors, and the (new) Riverside Situational Q-sort to describe situations.  To see the items of these instruments, follow the links below.


California Adult Q-sort (CAQ)

   This instrument for the comprehensive description of personality was developed by Jack Block and revised for use by non-professionals by Bem and Funder (1978).  

   Nearly all of the publications from our lab using the CAQ have used this revision; to see the items click here.

    More recently, Block (2008) published a revised version of the CAQ, clarifying and simplifying much of the language.   In 2012, Esther Guillaume and David Funder revised this version further, to make it easier for non-psychologists to understand and to facilitate translation into other languages.  To see this version, click here.  Please note that this version is not the one included in the computer file listed below.


An excellent resource on the basis of the CAQ, and about Q-sorting in general, is the updated version of Jack Block's classic book.


Riverside Behavioral Q-sort (Version 3.11)

   This is a revised version designed to be more broadly useful outside of the experimental settings in which the original versions were employed. 


Riverside Situational Q-sort Version 4.0

This latest version, with 90 items, was written to be more easy to translate into languages other than English and to cover aspects of situations that might be relevant to cross-cultural comparison.


Riverside Situational Q-sort Version 3.15

Most recently published research uses this version, which has 89 items.

For an older version (RSQ 2.0) used in some past research, click here.



The RSQ and the RBQ have been translated into many languages other than English (so far).  You can access some of the translations using the links below.


Arabic translations provided by Dr. Adil AI-Salihy

Chinese translations provided by Dr. Yu Yang

Danish translations provided by Lars Jensen

Dutch translations provided by Dr. Andreas Wismeijer, Dr. Marcel van Aken, and Dr. Jaap Denissen

Estonian translations provided by Dr. Anu Realo

German translations provided by John Rauthmann and Dr. Jaap Denissen

Italian translations provided by Dr. Marco Perugini

Japanese translations provided by Dr. Tatsuya Sato and Sakiko Kumagai

Spanish translations provided by Dr. David Gallardo-Pujol



Q-sorter Program


The Riverside Accuracy Project Q-Sorter Program is available for download. We strongly recommend that you download and read the instruction manual before attempting to use the program. This program requires the use of a PC running either Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP. This program will not work on a Mac or computers running older versions of Windows.  Apparently it does work with Vista, if all the latest updates are installed.  As Windows continues to be "improved," this program may become non-functional and we are currently working on a replacement.

In addition to installing the program you will need to have Microsoft DotNet framework installed (see below for link).

Note: This program is becoming more difficult to use over time as Windows continues to issue new versions and drops support for programs that worked on earlier versions.  In an attempt to circumvent this problem, a web-based version of the Q-sort program is currently under development.


This program is offered to you to use free of charge.  See the important disclaimers below.

To download the files using Internet Explorer, right click on the file name and select "save target as..".


Q-Sorter Instructions (Adobe Acrobat Reader required):


If you use Vista, please read the following additional notes.

Vista Installation Notes


Program Files:

Q-sort Installer Program

Microsoft DotNet Framework


Q-Sort Deck Files:

CAQ (Bem-Funder, 1978 revision)

RBQ 3.11 (please see note on updated items)

RSQ 2.0

RSQ 3.15


We would appreciate appropriate acknowledgment of this program and/or the Q-sort decks in any publications or research reports that use them.  We also invite comments and notifications of any problems you might have.  Contact us at rap@ucr.edu


Legal Notice: Copyright for this program belongs to the Regents of the University of California.  While you are welcome to use and to copy this program, you are not authorized to change it in any way.  This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


The material described in these web pages is based, part, upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grants BCS- 06422243, BCS-1052638, and BCS-1528131. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the individual researchers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.



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