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The World at 7: Data Set


We are making available the complete set of data reported in our publication:

    Guillaume, E., Baranski, E., Todd, E., Bastian, B., Bronin, I., Ivanova, C., Cheng, J.T., de Kock, F.S., Denissen, J.J.A., Gallardo-Pujol, D., Halama, Pl, Han, G.Q., Bae, J., Moon, J., Hong, R.Y., Hřebíčková, M., Graf, S., Izdebski, P., Lundmann, L., Penke, L., Perugini, M., Costantini, G., Rauthmann, J., Ziegler, M., Realo, A., Elme, L., Sato, T., Kawamoto, S., Szarota, P., Tracy, J.L., van Aken, M.A.G., Yang, Y., & Funder, D.C. (in press). The world at 7: Comparing the experience of situations across 20 countries. Journal of Personality.


For the csv file with all variables names and values, click here.


Previous Data Sets

We continue occasionally to analyze data from two large data sets gathered previously at UCR. The second and more recent data set includes information on approximately 200 participants, including videotaped 3-person interactions among strangers in several different contexts, a wide range of assessment instruments (including the Q-sort from self and peers and the MMPI), and a life history interview.

The first large data set was gathered over 10 years ago. Approximately 180 UCR undergraduate students were the main "targets" of our study. These students provided a vast amount of information about themselves, engaged in a series of two-person interactions, were described by friends and parents, and completed daily diaries, to mention only a portion of the data. See two more detailed descriptions of the Accuracy Project's first Riverside data set:

data set description 1
data set description 2

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